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Vinča Archaeological Site

Within the rich cultural heritage of Serbia, Vinča is singled out as one of the most important archaeological sites in the Balkans, having an outstanding significane to the nation and the world.

It is the largest and most thoroughly researched Neolithic area in Europe.
This archaeological site (an area of about ten hectares) on the right bank of the Danube, near the village of Vinča, is rightly referred to as "Old Europe", bearing in mind the impact of the Vinča culture and civilization on the cultural development of the surrounding regions.

Cultural layer is 10.5m thick and it indicates all the stages in the development of Vinča. Remains of tombs, huts, tools, jewelry and zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figurines (especially the famous lady figurines) are found here.
All these layers are placed against one another, leaving a vivid impression, with alternating red, yellow, brown and black belts. The site is located on the loess terrace, which has a light, almost white colour. It is because of this that the site got its alternative name - Belo Brdo (''White Hill'').

Excavations were carried out on three occasions and were interrupted several times due to lack of financial support. Research, analysis of the results and editing of documents continue till this day.
Vinča is 14 miles away from Belgrade and should be made a regular tourist destination.
A wide variety of private and hotel accommodation is offered here. There are also organized tours for visiting the site, which include transports to and from the site.