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Prolom Banja spa is located on the slopes of Radan Mountain, near Kuršumlija. It was named after the nearby Prolom village, which has fresh air and rich vegetation. This spa is situated at an altitude between 550 and 670 m, and has many thermal springs of water whose temperature ranges from 26°C to 31.5°C. Prolom Voda water is odorless and has a distinctive taste. It can be used by healthy people as a preventive measure. Mineral and curative mud is used in many treatments, often as an introduction to treatments because its water has diuretic and bactericidal properties. It is used in the treatment of the kidney and urinary tract diseases, diseases of skin and blood vessels, diseases of digestive organs, rheumatism and other. Therapies are carried out under the supervision of experts and the Centre can accommodate 1,500 patients. Whether you are here for your treatment or on vacation, you will have a memorable stay . Prolom Banja is one of the most interesting spas in Serbia and this part of Europe.

Guests are able to use the pool, kinesiotherapy room and the gym, and trips and hikes to Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town) and other attractive locations are organized. Accommodation can be found in private rooms, villas, apartments and ‘’Radan’’ and ‘’Garetov konak’’ hotels.

There are several roads leading from Belgrade to Prolom Banja spa and the closest one is over Kruševac. It is 290 miles long.