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Pribojska banja

Pribojska Banja Spa is located 5 km from Priboj. It occupies the right side of Lim River, in the southwest of Serbia. Being on an altitude of 530 meters above sea level with the highlands of the Stari Vlah region surrounding it, Pribojska Banja is known as an air spa. The water from this spa is used for bathing, drinking and as an additional therapeutic agent. Its center has many thermal and mineral springs that have a temperature of 37 ° C, the strongest of which discharges 70 liters per second. It is one of the world’s leading sources of thermal water. It helps with all forms of chronic, articular and non-articular rheumatism, diseases of peripheral nerves, in post-traumatic treatments, spinal disorders, circulatory disorders and skin, gynecological and digestive diseases. In the rehabilitation center treatments are carried out with modern methods. Pribojska Banja Spa is one of the major medical centers in Serbia.

Accommodation, in addition to the rooms in the rehabilitation center, can be found in nearby houses that offer rooms and private apartments. Proximity of the town of Priboj allows you to look for accommodation in the town’s hotel called "Lim" and a few motels.

Mountains Zlatar, Zlatibor and Jabuka and Mileševa monastery are in the vicinity of the spa, so trips and tours of these sights are organized.

Priboj Banja Spa can be reached by Belgrade - Bar railway and Belgrade – Bar motorway, by turning at the intersection of Bistrica, which is 23 km away from the spa.