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Subotica, Palić, Kanjiža, Bačka Topola, Senta, Ada, Mali Iđoš.

Subotica and its surrounding municipalities are lately popularized by local tourism organizations. The rich cultural heritage and natural resources of this part of Serbia is attracting more and more foreign and domestic tourists.

Palić Lake, Palić spa, Palić zoo, Kanjiža spa, Nature Reserve Ludaško Lake, Zobatnica and Kelebija paddocks are only some of many tourist attractions of Subotica and its surroundings, where you can relax.

Luxurious villas, hotels, apartments and rooms in private holiday homes, provide the ideal conditions for your rest after visiting the local sites. If you enjoy the countryside, the farms of this region should be your choice. Excellent cuisine and hospitality of local people will make you feel quite at home.

Major towns and municipalities that make up this region of Serbia are: Subotica, Kanjiža, Bačka Topola, Senta, Ada and Mali Iđoš.

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Region: Subotica region

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