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Serbian Wine Routes

Wine production in Serbia is one of the longest traditions that successfully continues for more than a millennium. Since the first year as Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor, ended his monopoly over the production of wine, vineyards were grown here and the independent production began. It is a period of the 6th century BC.

Serious production dates back to the creation of the first Serbian state in the 8th and 9th centuries, and reaches a higher level with the arrival of the Nemanjić dynasty to the throne (from the 11th to the 14th century). Rulers have paid special attention to the cultivation of wine grapes, because the wine was very valuable. Dušan's empire had in its possession the large vineyards around Prizren. With the arrival of the Turks the wine production shifted, and Kruševac became the center of it. When the Turks conquered the land, the manufacture of wine was fully stopped only to flourish again after the liberation. Modern times bring changes in the modern mode of production and the vital changes happened with the arrival of King Peter I of Karadjordjević dynasty. Together with his son, he had huge amounts of grape vines planted around Oplenac.

The production of wine is largely related to the nature and the natural environment and this is very useful for the development of certain types of tourism and tourist services, especially agricultural tourism. More and more people wanting to escape the chaos and noise of big cities are opting for this agricultural aspect of their vacation. Wine tourism can be compared to the elite branches of tourism, considering that the people who opt for it are often wealthy.

Wine tourism, however, is not only related to the senses of sight and hearing. Unlike all others, wine tourism is linked to the sense of taste. It is one of the main comparative characteristics. So, if you ever decide to rent a villa, apartment or stay at a hotel near one of the many vineyards of Serbia, the following routes ware not to be missed:

This list of wine routes is made in order to make it easier for visitors and tourists to understand the complete picture of the wine-growing regions. The recommended 10 "roads" are not to be missed, because besides the rich history of grape growing they offer an incredible amount of fun and entertainment.
Recommended routes:
- Wine Route Negotin
- Wine Route Knjaževac
- Wine Route Vlasotince
- Wine Route Župa
- Wine Route Smederevo
- Wine Route Oplenac
- Wine Route Fruška Gora
- Wine Route Vršac
- Wine Route Palić
- Wine Route Kosovo and Metohija