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Ethno village Sirogojno

Village Sirogojno is the best example of folk architecture in Serbia and a faithful representation of life in the countryside and villages of western Serbia and the region of Zlatibor during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. It is located about 30 km from Užice and about 25 km from Zlatibor. It consists of many houses that are collected from all parts of western Serbia and moved here in order to create a unique ethnic village with authentic buildings.

A church formed the basis for this complex village. It is now under the protection of the state, because of the many cultural and historical riches that are stored in it. Various houses, converted into a museum in the open, are a special attraction. You can find accommodation here and during the season many cultural events are organized, including art colonies, the gathering of writers and various conferences. Rustic rooms and apartments will surely contribute to your unforgettable stay in Sirogojno.

In the village, there is a tavern that offers a range of authentic Serbian dishes and drinks. You can try cheeses of the highest quality, cream cheese, smoked ham and homemade herb teas, as well as many other delicacies.

Here, you can see and buy sweaters for which the village became known around the world for. They were made by knitters from these areas who put a special emphasis on ornamentation and the manner of production. Besides sweaters, various souvenirs and traditional Serbian costumes are an interesting offer to foreign and domestic tourists.