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Drina River - Fishing

Finding its way through a pristine nature, Drina flows through the westernmost regions of Serbia and is recognized as one of the cleanest and most beautiful rivers in the world. It is a winding mountain river that at one point enters the lowlands. For the most part, it runs through the municipality of Bajina Bašta, where the best fishing spots are found. There are three man-made lakes within the river stream that were made in order to serve the purposes of hydropower plants.

Drina canyon is particularly impressive, being the third deepest canyon in the world, with an overall height between 700m and 1km. Many bridges were built on it during the years, because it has been a natural border between many states created in this area since the time of the Roman Empire. You can see various cultural and historical monuments here.

Fishing on this river is a special attraction. Drina has many outstanding specimens of fish species such as barbel, carp, rainbow trout and many others. Due to the high purity of its water and the well-preserved ecosystems, 14 genera and 47 species have the best possible conditions for growth to their full size in this river. Drina’s indigenous species, huchen, is particularly interesting since its specimens weigh over 30 kg.

For those who prefer recreational/sport and professional fishing, this is certainly one of the top destinations and deserves to be visited. To find a full board or a half board accommodation around Drina is very easy. With friendly and welcoming hosts, you will have a comfortable and memorable stay in the vicinity of this river.