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Rafting on Ibar River

The Ibar River is a very popular destination for people interested in adrenaline tourism and enjoyment of nature.
Ibar rafting vacation is ideal for sport lovers, to whom river rapids pose a challenge. Rafting starts at a place called Ušće, located just 200 km from Belgrade. One-day and two-day stays are organized and they include sightseeing of the Ibar region.

Besides enjoying the natural beauty and sports, there are cultural monuments that should not be missed. Ibar flows near a medieval town called Maglić and the Studenica monastery, so staying in this area allows you to experience diverse activities.

While visiting these attractions you have the opportunity to enjoy the cultural heritage of Serbia that will remind you of its turbulent history.

The most important manifestation taking place on the Ibar is "Veseli spust'' (Happy Run) which is organized anually, in early July, when a large number of fans of rafting, paddling and a good time run down the rapids of the river Ibar in their boats. Traditionally, ''Prvomajski uranak'' (Mayday early outing) is organized here for tourists who decide to make their holiday a memorable one. Staying in the proximity of the river is a great way to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city in a different, healthier environment.

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