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Sights of Serbia

Being a country with a long history, Serbia's cultural and historical heritage is very rich. People inhabited this region since prehistoric times. They left us the most diverse traces and other evidence of their existence, which are reflected in numerous archaeological sites throughout the country, dating from different periods of human history. In Niš and Gamzigrad near Zaječar there are remains of various architectural structures built during the reign of the Roman Emperors. UNESCO recognized them as places of great importance and value, and they can be found on the list of the protected world heritage.

In addition to these sites recognized by UNESCO, there are other medieval architectural ventures, most of which are under protection of the state. Medieval monuments are mainly endowments of former rulers, who raised monasteries and other religious buildings. Particularly valuable places of historical importance for the people of this region are Žiča, Manasija, Studenica and Gračanica, because the coronations of the kings took place in them. Late Middle Ages are characterized by the construction of other types of buildings, mainly castles, fortresses and homes for ordinary people. Basically, they built unique houses and buildings that are now converted into ethnic villages. In the capital city, you can see the remains of the Belgrade Fortress, today popularly called Kalemegrad. It represents the remains of the architecture of the Middle Ages together with the large fortress near Novi Sad, Petrovaradin, where one of the largest music festivals in Europe - "Exit" is held every summer. Castles were generally typical of Belgrade and Vojvodina, because of the Austro-Hungarian rule over that area.

Another attraction of Serbia are its numerous museums. In addition to what they contain, the buildings they are located in are protected by the state. Tourists of all ages can learn something new and intresting while visiting them. Museums and galleries are mostly located in larger cities, so that you are able to visit several of them in one day. Of course, apart from these, there are museums that are built on the the very locations where the museum showpieces were found , such as the Museum "Lepenski Vir" in the gorge of the largest river in Serbia, the Danube.

Around all of these attractions you can easily find suitable accommodation. Some castles are now transformed in order to provide accommodation, which would certainly give each tourist a memorable stay.