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Palić Spa

Banja Palić Spa is located in the geographical region of northern Serbia, near Subotica in Bačka.
At the end of the 18th century, it became known for the curative properties of the water and mud from the Palić Lake. It was recommended for the treatment of rheumatism and sciatica, and lithium and rubidium were used for the treatment of skin, gynecological, stomach and nervous system diseases. Strontium is a component of this mineral mud that helps broken bones grow faster. Palić Lake water contains sulfur and its temperature is around 25 °C. Healing in Palić Spa is performed by applying mud wraps, swimming in heated water and drainage of the body.

This spa has indoor and outdoor pools with thermal water, courts for minor sports, tennis courts and athletic fields.

Palić has one of the most beautifully arranged parks and a well-equipped zoo. Palić Lake and Ludoško Lake, located in the vicinity of Palić Spa, have ideal conditions for recreational tourism, so tourists and visitors can try out sailing, rowing and recreational fishing.

Accommodation in Palić Spa is varied. Hotels, motels, tourist complexes and private accommodation in apartments and rooms will fully satisfy even the most demanding of guests and you will enjoy a friendly atmosphere during your stay here.
Palić spa can be reached by Belgrade-Novi Sad highway and Subotica-Belgrade railway.