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Dundjerski Castle (Fantast)

One of the most intriguing and mystical places of Serbia is certainly this castle located in the north of the country, near Bečej. Fantast is surrounded by forests, isolated from the noise and crowds and hidden from the eyes of curious passers-by. The estate is named after one of the best horses owned by Bogdan Dunđerski, a bohemian who had a great love for these precious animals. At the beginning of the twentieth century his family was one of the wealthiest families in Vojvodina. They owned many castles throughout the country, and he built this particular castle for himself and his greatest love, his horses. On the estate, there is a tomb of the Inquisitor, one of the best horses ever to be bred in Serbia. There are many legends associated with this horse and you will be able to hear them, if you decide to visit this place.

Nowadays, the estate which once had one of the largest horse farms came down to a small paddock. The horse farm numbered well over a thousand animals and only a dozen are kept here today. Within the castle, which is now converted into a hotel, there is a riding school. If you decide to stay in this unforgettable place, you will have sport facilities at your disposal. Environment is perfect for quiet walks and the beautiful scenery surrounding the castle exudes serenity. This is a right place for all those who want to genuinely enjoy the holiday.