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Župa wine route

Župa is located in the south of Serbia, near its borders with Montenegro and Kosovo. It is located 50 km from the nearest major city, Novi Pazar, and 300 km south of Belgrade.
Župa is unique because of its centuries-long history of viticulture. The first written evidence of the cultivation of grapes for wine production dates back to 1196, with a mention of Stefan Nemanja giving the vineyard of the village Župa to the monastery of Studentica.

Suitable climatic conditions for the growing of grapes easily made this place a paradise for winemaking. The Celts, Romans, Byzantines and Serbian kings drank from the wine cellars of this region. Under these favourable conditions two famous Serbian wine producers emerged - "Vino Župa" and "Rubin."

Many manifestations in honor of wine are organized here and one of the most visited and most traditional one is held in Aleksandrovac, where the wine literally flows for three days from the city fountain.

White wines: Italian Riesling, Župljanka, Smederevka, White Tamjanika, Chardonnay, Plovdina, Sauvignon, Muscat Ottonel, Grey Burgundy, Žilavka, Furmint, Kenedinka, Sémillon, Silas, White Burgundy, Rkaciteli and White Traminac.
Red wines: Prokupac, Merlot, Župa Teinturier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kratošija, Vranac, Red Burgundy, Frankovka, Kadarka, Gamay, Portugizac, Gamay Teinturier, Alicante Bouschet, Cabernet Franc and Tamjanika.
Table wines: Muscat Hamburg, Italy and Cardinal.

Wine cellars:
- Ivanović Winery
- Minić Wine House
- Wine cellar ‘’Radenković’’
- Wine cellar ‘’Braća Rajković’’
- Travka Vineyards
- Wine cellar ‘’Kosta Botunjac’’
- Stemina
- Villa Vinum