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Apatin, Gornje Podunavlje, Banja Junaković, Kula i Odžaci.

It occupies a territory close to the Serbian border with Hungary and Croatia, bordered by the Danube in the west. Sombor and its surrounding area are primarily the blend of Serbian and Hungarian culture, with a significant number of Croats giving their cultural influence, along with other cultures that have been conquering this territory centuries ago.

The area is rich in tourist attractions with its many historical and cultural sites. It is known for its horse-drawn carriage rides, its many parks and rich forests with hunting grounds. Urbanistically speaking, it is well-planned and organized, despite the historical fact of its frequent changes of government. One should not miss the monumental County building, the City Hall on the main square, the Monastery of St. Stephen, the Carmelite Monastery, Church of the Holy Trinity, Preparandija (Teacher’s College), Kronić palace (now Court), the National Theater and the Town Museum. Those more adventurous tourists can find additional interesting buildings and learn a few more facts.

Due to the high demand for accommodation, there are various options in the offer. In the center, you will easily find some high class lodgings, as well as something more affordable. The city of Sombor offers a variety of accommodation including hotels, motels, hostels, rooms in private homes, apartments, villas and farms. Also, you will have a unique opportunity to try the specialties of Vojvodina including the famous cheese made of sheep milk, offered in many restaurants.

In addition to Sombor, there are other major places in the area like Apatin, Gornje Podunavlje, Junaković spa, Kula and Odžaci.

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