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Pančevo, Kovin, Bela Crkva, Vršac, Plandište, Alibunar, Kovačica i Opovo.

Pančevo occupies an area of southern Banat, the northeastern part of the Republic of Serbia. It is located on the left side of the river Tamiš, near the confluence of the Tamiš river and the Danube.
Pančevo is certainly one of the trade, craft and economic centers of Serbia. In addition to positive business opportunities, it can be said that the city offers many sports and cultural events.

In the vicinity of Pančevo, there is the town of Vršac with its rich cultural and historical heritage and Bela Crkva, a popular tourist destination.
Pančevo region has a mild continental climate, with four distinct seasons. This favorable climate adds to the development of diverse plant and animal species and to succesful agriculture.

Proximity to archaeological sites Starčevo, Serbian Orthodox monastery Vojlovica, Church of the Holy Transfiguration, Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, the Roman Catholic Charles Borromeo Church, the Evangelical church, Orthodox Churches in Dolovo, St. Anne Church, Weifert Brewery Complex, Red warehouse, water tower, Provijant warehouse, lighthouses at the confluence of the Danube and Tamiš, the ''Tamiš'' railway station, Svilara and so on, will make your stay in this part of Serbia interesting.

Of course, Pančevo is not lagging behind other tourist centers with its rich accommodation offer. You can find lodgings in hotels and apartments and comfortable private lodgings at very affordable prices.

Municipalities included in this region are Pančevo, Vršac and Bela Crkva.

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Region: Pančevo region