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Kragujevac, Knić, Aranđelovac, Jagodina, Paraćin, Ćuprija, Despotovac, Topola, Batočina, Lapovo, Rača, Svilajnac i Rekovac.

This city, which is surrounded by the slopes of the mountains Rudnik and Crni Vrh and Lepenica river, is the fourth largest city in Serbia. Instead of Kragujevac, old maps show the name as ‘’Krakow’’, but in fact the name comes from the Serbian word "kraguj" which means "a place where the eagle nests."

Kragujevac is the biggest city of Šumadija, after Belgrade. Šumdija has ideal conditions for life, with its moderate continental climate and an average temperature of 11.5 °C. In order to ensure sufficient water in this part of Serbia, artificial lakes of Grošničko, Gružansko and the lake in Šumarice were made.

This region has an outstanding cultural and historical heritage. Many archaeological sites confirm that Kragujevac existed as a settlement during the Stone Age. Just like most of Serbia, the region of Kragujevac was under Ottoman rule. For a short period, after the liberation from the Ottoman rule, the city was the royal capital, and from then on it developed into an industrial center.

With its potential, Kragujevac attracts many foreign investors and therefore deserves the full attention of the entire nation. Open cooperation, economic potential and clever presentation, make it the best host city of Serbia.

In the immediate vicinity of Kragujevac, there are a few more cities which deserve full attention when it comes to industrial development, economic development and development of tourism.

Accommodation offered in this region completely exceeded all expectations. People from this region, as any good hosts would, invest in the improvement of their private accommodation and anyone who decides to visit this beautiful part of Serbia will witness that. The ideal solution, in order to experience the charm of a homey atmosphere, is to stay at a household that offers accommodation. If you decide against this option, any hotel and hostel will provide nothing less satisfactory.

Municipalities included in this region are Kragujevac, Jagodina, Aranđelovac and Ćuprija.

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Region: Kragujevac region