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Spas of Serbia - Health tourism in Serbia

A sharp rise in spa tourism has been recorded in Serbia in the recent years. The already popular spas are becoming sought-after destinations, not only by people with health problems, but also tourists of all ages who want to enjoy a friendly, peaceful environment. Spas are located mainly in the forests and towns with a favorable climate.

Every spa complex provides an excellent entertainment program in addition to rehabilitation, as many of them organize various manifestations. Traditional Vrnjačka Banja Carnival is becoming one of the most recognizable national brands of Serbia. Besides entertainment, there are many cultural and historical monuments, monasteries and diverse natural attractions in the vicinity of these health resorts.

Most spas in Serbia have geothermal water with medicinal properties. Some of them have mud that contains chemical compositions rich in minerals and chemical compounds. Others are located at high altitudes and in addition to the medicinal properties of their water, are categorized as air spas. The first official air spa in Serbia was open in Ivanjica about a decade ago. Western and central parts of Serbia are particularly suitable for air spas, due to collision of the Mediterranean and the Carpathian climate. These regions have a positive effect on health, especially when it comes to people who have problems related to blood and breathing. Serbia gives you the most diverse range of offers and opportunities when it comes to this kind of tourism. Spas that include fields and playgrounds for all kinds of sports are recommended to clubs and national teams when preparing for competitions. Isolated and surrounded by peaceful landscapes, they will allow you to rest from everyday stress and noise and help with relaxation and regeneration of the whole body. Recreation in the form of walking, hiking and sightseeing of the glorious nature and its monuments are an additional treat when choosing one of these spas. All treatments, depending on your needs, will heal you both physically and mentally. Very friendly and professional staff will make your stay even more pleasant and efficient.

In recent years, a lot of effort and money was invested for the renovation and improvement of nearly all available centers for accommodation and provision of therapeutic help. Rooms and apartments are cozy and comfortable. You can choose between full and half board, with a special diet for different types of tourists who visit, from dietary meals intended for those with health problems to delicious local specialties.