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National Park Fruška Gora

National Park Fruška gora is a dominant land elevation in Vojvodina. In the south and north it is jagged with mountain streams and rivers, and from the main narrow reef individual side reefs extend, often with steep and inaccessible parts.

Fruška Gora National Park received its status in the 1960’s encompassing 25,525 square kilometers. It is characterized by specific geological history and different micro-climatic conditions, which makes this mountain very interesting and important for various scientific researchers. It is considered to be ‘’the mirror of geological past’’ thanks to the numerous fossil flora and fauna found here.

This area is characterized by the existence of a large variety of plant and animal species that are considered to be rare and endangered. It is rich in fertile land, orchards, meadows and pastures. Some of the famous Serbian vineyards are located here. A part of the park with the higher altitude than 300 m is covered with a very thick deciduous forest. The National Park also attracts the attention of archaeologists because of its archaeological sites of historic and prehistoric periods. A large number of monasteries of authentic architecture, libraries, frescoes and rich treasuries adorn this part of Serbia.

Fruška Gora offers its visitors excellent private accommodation in apartments and rooms. There are also a couple of hotels and motels that offer lodging and accommodation of all standards.

Fruška gora National Park is easily accessible by road. It is accessible by Ruma-Novi Sad route, Novi Sad-Belgrade route, with the separation to Sremski Karlovci and the road over Sremska Kamenica.