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Nature park Obedska bara

Nature park Obedska Bara is one of the largest wetlands in Serbia and it has an extraordinary flora and fauna. It is located about 50 km or an hour's drive from Belgrade, along the Sava River. This is a Nature Reserve and one of the protected areas with the longest history. According to some sources, it was protected for the first time in the nineteenth century, during the Austro-Hungarian rule over this territory. The authorities of that time, as well as the authorities in the time of the Kingdom of Serbia, recognized Obedska bara as the most important hunting ground of Serbia.

The reserve has numerous protected plant and animal species. Is is also the natural habitat of the European beaver. As the largest inundated area, it is particularly suitable for study and observation of certain species of water birds. There are about 6000 of them during the season and that is why Obedska bara is placed on the Ramsar list of areas of great value. In addition to scientific attractions, the protected area includes the remains of the old town and church, so all visitors can see some of the cultural and historical monuments of this part of Serbia.

Bearing in mind that Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is not far from the reserve, tourists can easily find private and hotel accommodation, hostels, motels, and apartments of all categories in this city. Obedska bara also has a hotel in its vicinity, as well as an ethno house and a few restaurants offering local specialties.