Gamzigradska banja

Gamzigradska banja spa is located on the shores of Crni Timok river, surrounded by forest-covered hills and flowery meadows, at an altitude of 160 m, with a moderate continental climate. It has several springs of thermal water. The water temperature is 42 º C, and it comes from a depth of 300 m. The spa's modern Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital "Gamzigrad" is located in the vicinity of Crni Timok river and its opening rapidly increased the number of visits to this health resort. The hospital is intended for the rehabilitation of blood and lymphatic vessel deseases, rheumatic and orthopedic diseases, posttraumatic conditions, abnormalities in childhood and neurological and gynecological diseases. It features a thermo-mineral indoor pool for children and another adult pool. Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital "Gamzigrad" provides a complete service for patients and guests looking for a healthy vacation and recreation.

During the summer, folk art festivals and cultural assemblies are held here, notably ''Đurđevdanski sabor'' , ''Dan božura'' ('Peony days') and ''Zlatne ruke'' ('Golden hands'). Some of the natural beauties can be visited such as the Rtanj mountain, Zlotske Pećine caves, Borsko Jezero Lake, cultural and historical monuments such as Felix Romuliana - royal Roman complex and monasteries Suvobor and Grliš.

The first big city, Zaječar, is at a distance of 11 km and Belgrade is 220 km away.