The Danube river

The Danube river is the most important and the longest river passing through Serbia. Its importance is reflected in many aspects; it is the largest navigable river, it accounts for a large part of the transport and it is a link with the entire Europe and the world. It flows through the two largest and most important cities and enables them for various types of entertainment for tourists. Danube flows through Fruška Gora National Park. Its gorge - "Đerdap", located east of Belgrade, is the second national park, but also an important cultural and historical heritage with its famous archaeological site of ''Lepenski vir''. The river has the largest hydropower plant, which is built as a joint project of Serbia and Romania. It formed a huge artificial lake where visitors can sail, swim or engage in fishing, and the surrounding area has a large number of constructions dating from prehistoric times to the present times.

Besides the beautiful scenery that the Danube builds and sculpts along its course, various entertainment activities are oganized in the cities through which it flows. There are the famous rafts in Belgrade, that are known as the best places for entertainment not only in the country, but also in its surroundings. In the past, many fortresses were built along this coast and some still exist today.

Along the entire length of the Danube through Serbia, it is easy to find all types of accommodation. Hotels on the banks of the river, camping on beaches and bungalows, of which the most famous are Ada Ciganlija in the capital and Strand beach in Novi Sad.