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Leskovac, Bojnik, Lebane, Medveđa, Vlasotince, Crna Trava, Vladičin Han, Surdulica, Bosilegrad, Trgovište, Vranje, Bujanovac i Preševo.

It would be unusual for someone from the former Yugoslavia not to know about Leskovac. This city in southern Serbia was always known for its famous grilled meat specialities.
Below the Hisar hill, along Veteranica river, in Leskovac valley, the town of Leskovac is situated. With a temperate continental climate and an average temperature of 11 °C, it is a habitable and suitable place for the development of many animal and plant species.

First traces of a settlement here date back to BC, but the city got its first proper outlines at the end of the seventh century, during the reign of Stefan Nemanjić. An interesting moment in the history of this town is the building of the church Odžaklija. The Turks did not allow a church to be built on the existing foundation of the temple and the builders decided to put a chimney and present the said church as the house of a priest. This church has collapsed in the second half of the last century and in the same place, a new church was built. In addition to the church, the city is rich with attractions such as: Spomenik slobode, Spomenik neznanom junaku on Hisar, Bora Dimitrijević-Piksla’s house, Šop Đjokić's house, hydro power plant Vučje, Škobaljić grad, Hisar archaeological site, Spomen park and Carčin grad.

The most important tourist event is Roštiljada. During this period, the second week of September, more than 200,000 tourists visit this city.

Leskovac, a very important tourist destination of Serbia, leaves the impression of contemporary European tourist destinations because of the way in which it hosts large numbers of people. With its friendly and hospitable locals, everyone will be urged to come back and enjoy the delicious taste of the famous Leskovačka mućkalica, a branded dish of Roštiljada.

You can find various types of accommodation in Leskovac. If you want to experience that homey atmosphere, make sure to book private accommodation, designed in the spirit of south Serbia. Apartments and rooms will satisfy even the discerning visitor and hotel and hostel accommodation is comparable to the European standards.

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