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Ribarska banja Spa is positioned in Central Serbia, 540m above sea level. This spa is located on the slopes of Mount Jastrebac, where Banjska Reka is formed by Ribarska Reka. In 1904, Ribarska Banja Spa attracted investors who made larger investments in this area. It has a favourable climate, dense forests and clean air.

Ribarska banja has six mineral springs with sulfur and low alkaline, whose temperature ranges from 16 ° C to 42 ° C. They are used for drinking, washing and bathing. These waters have a beneficial effect on bone fractures, especially after bone surgery, joint contractures, spinal deformities, posttraumatic and postoperative paresis, nerve paresis, hemiplegia and hemiparesis. Thermal and mineral springs of Ribarska Banja were probably used for therapeutic and other needs back in the fourth century, when a fortified Roman settlement existed here.

Guests have access to a number of restaurants serving local cuisine, a variety of recreational and entertaining events and they can have pleasant walks in the unspoiled nature.
Dispensary and hotel have 590 beds in comfortable rooms. Besides, accommodation can be found in the villas, hotels and private homes.

Ribarska Spa is located 35 km from Kruševac, 290 km from Belgrade and 100 km from Niš.