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Adventure of Serbia

Serbia occupies an area of extraordinary relief and geographical features. It is one of the most interesting destinations for many summer and winter extreme sports and adventure. Flying is possible in almost all parts of the country, because there are about 70 organizations that deal with various forms of flying. Gliding, skydiving, rafting, paragliding and moto-cross are only some of the sports in the offer. Exploring numerous hiking trails is one of the best ways to get to know our country. Nothing remains so long in your memory as a place where you have gained some personal experience.

Of course, there are various other sports and hobbies. These include riding, hunting, fishing, orienteering and rafting the rapids of mountain rivers. Serbia will give you many opportunities to fully enjoy its beauties. For tourists that have high ambitions and to whom ordinary tours and arrangements are boring, who want something more out of every visit, something more extreme, there is a rich program. If you do not only want to visit some of the caves, but also experience them, Serbia is the right place for you. Accompanied by experienced guides, your tours will turn into some unforgettable adventures. For those a bit more physically prepared, many natural and artificial rocks provide an excellent opportunity for testing their abilities. Across the state, there are places such as parks and reserves for professional and recreational study of birds or other animals. Lakes and rivers provide sailing enthusiasts with activities through which they can explore and experience our country in an original way, by rowing and sailing.

The aforementioned sports are for people who prefer warm weather. Winter in Serbia brings a variety of other kinds of interesting adventures, such as skiing and snowboarding. Beautiful and maintained trails of our most famous mountains are accessible to professionals, amateurs and beginners in a wide selection of winter sports.

Because of the size of the country and a multitude of provided contents, you do not need to choose between particular kinds of entertainment. In just one day you can have fun in many ways. Accommodation is provided in the vicinity of most of these attractions. There are camps and bungalows designed for outdoor lovers and comfortable hotel accommodations for people interested in relaxation and cosiness.