Terms of Service

By using apartmani-srbija.com website you agree to the Terms of Service listed below:

  • Owners who advertise their accommodation on apartmani-srbija.com portal must be physical, legal persons or companies who perform such services legally under the law of hospitality.
  • After the ad is presented on the apartments-srbija.com portal, the owner or legal representative of the company that advertises the accommodation will be notified in the official e-mail about posting ads, so that they could examine and determine the credibility of the data entered. In case of error, the owner or legal representative of the company that advertises the accommodation shall inform us, so that we eliminate the error as soon as possible.
  • Apartmani-srbija.com portal published data obtained exclusively by advertisers and does not accept any financial and / or criminal liability if the information does not correspond to the truth and the real situation.
  • The internet address of the advertisement includes an online form, through which the advertisers receive messages from potential lodgers. The online form is protected from automated spam messages, but the portal does not bear any responsibility if the e-mail advertiser receives a spam or posts of inappropriate content.
  • All personal data (name, address, contact details) that the advertisers provide the user portal with will be placed only on the internet address of that particular advertisement.
  • Web-portal apartmani-srbija.com reserves the right not to publish additional articles if we consider that the content of these articles is not suitable for publication.
  • Web portal apartmani-srbija.com reserves the right not to publish certain photographs if we believe that their content is inappropriate or does not comply with the required quality standards.
  • Web-portal apartmani-srbija.com reserves the right to remove any ad at any time, without any obligation to further explain this act and without notifying the advertiser via email.
  • Advertiser has the right to use the internet address of his/her advertisement for promotional purposes.
  • Advertiser will receive newsletters.
  • The advertisement will be published on the website in the shortest time possible upon receiving the necessary materials, and depending on the availability of resources.
  • All changes to the advertisement will be performed by the webmasters of the apartmani-srbija.com portal, upon receiving a detailed description of changes from the advertiser sent to the site’s info mail.

1st of December, 2011