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Apartmani Srbija is a portal that allows you to find affordable and good quality accommodation by directly contacting the owners and in that way avoiding agency fees

Private accommodation includes large number of apartments and rooms in private houses, villas, guesthouses and flats. The offer also includes accommodation in hotels, motels, apart-hotel, garni hotels and hostels. For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, we recommend holiday villages, where hardworking and hospitable hosts offer a high quality accommodation in farms, residences, cottages and holiday homes. There is a special offer of beautiful ethno villages, which attracts more and more tourists each year. Accommodation in tent camps and campsites is also appealing to an increasing number of tourists.

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The monument of the NOB (II Worl War), Kragujevac

Accommodation Kragujevac region

This city, which is surrounded by the slopes of the mountains Rudnik and Crni Vrh and Lepenica river, is the fourth largest city in Serbia. Instead of Kragujevac, old maps show the name as ‘’Krakow’’, but in fact...

Twilight on the Nišava river - Niš

Accommodation Niš region

This is a region of beautiful nature and rich cultural and historical heritage. The biggest city and the center of events is Niš. In this town and its surrounding area there are many attractions and interesting...

Vrsac mountains


Accommodation Pančevo region

Pančevo occupies an area of southern Banat, the northeastern part of the Republic of Serbia. It is located on the left side of the river Tamiš, near the confluence of the Tamiš river and the Danube. Pančevo is...

City of Valjevo

Accommodation Valjevo region

This region occupies the central part of Western Serbia. Valjevo is its largest city and is situated at the confluence of the Jablenice and Obnica River, where Kolubara River springs. Valjevo is a city of turbulent...

Golubac Fortress

Accommodation Smederevo region

Smederevo is a Serbian commercial and industrial center in the Danubian region. This city "lies" on the banks of the Danube, in the northeastern part of the country. Smederevo was even referred to as the capital of...

Balloon flight Zlatibor

Accommodation Užice-Zlatibor region

Whether you are interested in sports and recreational tourism, excursions, organizing and hosting conventions or enjoying health spas, this region of Serbia has a lot to offer. The most popular destination in this...

Terminal Beograd

Accommodation Belgrade region

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube River. Due to its favorable geographical position it has often been a place of great battles throughout history. Today...

Friendship park - Vrnjačka banja

Accommodation Kraljevo region

This area occupies the central part of Serbia, and is known for its large number of spas and natural health resorts, most notably Vrnjačka Banja, Jošanička Banja, Bogutovačka Banja and Mataruška Banja....

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Divčibare is located in the southwestern part of Serbia. It is a part of Valjevo municipality and is only 50 kilometers away from Čačak. With an altitude of about 1000 meters and exceptional geographic location, this is the ideal place for tourists who want to enjoy a healthy life, hikingShow more


Ribarska banja Spa is positioned in Central Serbia, 540m above sea level. This spa is located on the slopes of Mount Jastrebac, where Banjska Reka is formed by Ribarska Reka. In 1904, Ribarska Banja Spa attracted investors who made larger investments in this area. It has a favourableShow more