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Zrenjanin, Sečanj, Žitište, Nova Crnja, Novi Bečej, Kikinda, Novi Kneževac i Čoka.

Zrenjanin is situated close to the Serbian border with Romania. It is widely known for its tradition, culture and customs. The city abounds in interesting architecture, beautiful buildings, unique promenade and lots of beautiful squares. There are many manifestations, Banat events with tasty snacks and many festivals that will make an impression on the domestic as well as foreign tourists.

At a short distance from Kikinda and Novi Kneževac, this place will give its more adventurous visitors the opportunity to tour the Serbian part of Banat and experience the life that people in this region lead. In the proximity of Zrenjanin, there are: Rusanda spa (with its intensive development of health tourism), Nature Reserve "Stari-Begej Carska bara" and cultural and historical monuments of Ečka.

Accommodation in this area is varied. During the summer you can enjoy yourselves in private homes with rooms and apartments, surrounded by farms with unique nature. In the winter you can welcome the first snow tucked in a variety of private homes, villas and hotels, and feel the warm hospitality of the people. You do not need to worry about the cuisine while visiting this part of Serbia. Its rich cuisine, with specialties and delicacies rarely leaves anyone indifferent.

Major towns and municipalities in southern Serbia are: Zrenjanin, Sečanj, Žitište, Nova Crnja, Novi Bečej, Kikinda, Novi Kneževac and Čoka. The city of Belgrade is 75 km away and Novi Sad is less than 50 km away.

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Region: Zrenjanin region

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