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Mokra Gora - accommodation in Ethno house Cerova kosa.
Here you can book a room to stay in Mokra Gora and feel like at home, experience Drvengrad, Sargan railway, Kustendorf, Andrićgrad, Višegrad ...
Cerova kosa is part of the secretive nature of Mokra Gora and it's located under the hill Ogradjenica above historical railway Šargan to Visegrad which is at present days closed for commercial use.
Away from the village Mokra Gora about 450 m and Drvengrad 2000 m.

It was built as a family house in 1910 and 1988 was renewed up to date with the desire to preserve the family hearth and threshold.
Now House is the place to relax and enjoy the ethnic Serbian family tradition. The house is categorized as apartments with 2 ** and with its two bedrooms and a living room for the holidays, kitchen for self-cooking, bathroom and modern devices necessary for guests in the magical environment, offers comfortable lodging and full of comfort and is a paradise for nature lovers and healthy life, the poets, the painters ... To take ride with an old Ćiro train is a unique experience as well as visit to Drvengrad.
Visitors of ethno house have a wide selection of activities. In addition to a large green space around the house there is a marked trail Cerova kosa which reaches to the dominant enclosure (865m) with a beautiful view of the valley and the surrounding hills.
Stations Jatare, Bela voda,Česme, Mokra Gora, Drvengrad, ski slopes Iver are places to visit.
In addition to the basic offer ethno house offers you to use:
-Internet, TV, DVD,
-Computers at the request of the customer
- Laundry and ironing
- A guide to the Mokra Gora,
-Organizing trips to all tracking tours through the Mokra Gora,
- Introduction to the old craft-carving in wood and the possibility of making personal items.
 Our goal is to transform your vacation into a new energy, an adventure that will
 educate, inspire you to do something completely new, to gain new experiences and friends, to relax and get away from everything that pressure you.

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Per person
10 EurDaily

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For information about the offer for affiliates contact us personally.

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Centar bb, 31243 Mokra Gora
Tel:+381 11 2 411 427Tel:+381 31 800 470Mob:+381 64 99 37 641Mob:+381 60 71 67 130
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Place: Mokra Gora Region: Užice-Zlatibor region

  • Nearest city: Zlatibor45 km
  • Maximum capacity 6
  • Do pošte:0.45 km
  • Do apoteke: 0.45 km
  • Do autobuske stanice: 0.45 km
  • Do železničke stanice:47 km
  • Do aerodroma: 250 km

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