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Novi Pazar, Sjenica i Tutin.

The first impression of Novi Pazar will certainly not leave you indifferent. You'll feel like you're far away from Serbia. Such a combination of culture and multinational population brings to light the interesting architecture and a picturesque landscape. Novi Pazar is located in the valley of Ibar river and is surrounded by Rogozna and Golija mountains, and Sjenica-Pešter plateau.

This economic, educational and cultural centre in southwestern Serbia has a lot to offer to any visiting tourist. Novi Pazar is widely known for its booming textile and footwear industries and the municipalities in the greater area are traditionally engaged in agriculture.

Tours are organized to the Stari Ras complex, where you can have a unique overview of a way of life in the initial stages of Serbian culture. The complex consists of the fortress on Gradina, the cave together with the monastery of the St. Archangel and the settlement of Pazarište. Being in the vicinity of the Sopoćani monastery, Stari Ras entered the UNESCO World Heritage List under a common name of Stari Ras and Sopoćani. It is important to highlight that the Church of the St. Apostles Peter and Paul and Đurđevi Stupovi monastery (‘’The Tracts of Saint George’’) were included in the important medieval legacy. The remains from the Ottoman period in this region include Altun Alem mosque, Lejlek mosque, Arap mosque, a Hammam, Novi Pazar fortress and many other attractions.

Hospitable locals make sure that everyone who comes to this area is pleasantly accommodated. During your visit, you must try the famous local specialities, Sjenica cheese and Pešter lamb. It will not be hard to find excellent accommodation in hotels. Rooms and apartments are decorated and when it comes to design and quality, most of them keep up with the latest international trends.

This region includes Novi Pazar and Sjenica.

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Region: Novi Pazar region

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