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Valjevo, Ljig, Mionica, Lajkovac, Ub, Vladimirci, Koceljeva, Osečina, Ljubovija, Mali Zvornik, Loznica, Krupanj, Šabac i Bogatić.

This region occupies the central part of Western Serbia. Valjevo is its largest city and is situated at the confluence of the Jablenice and Obnica River, where Kolubara River springs. Valjevo is a city of turbulent history and rich cultural heritage.

Rural tourism is particularly developed in this part of Serbia. The ethno and eco-villages such as Bebića Luka, Stave, Lelić, Taor, Kamenica, Poćuta, Struganik are placed in an untouched beauty of dense forests, green meadows and swift mountain streams, where you can enjoy in peace and tranquility. You can also enjoy the traditional hospitality and culinary skills of the inhabitants of this area, or you can spend an active vacation, hiking through pine and beech forest, picking mushrooms or herbs.

Divčibare mountain resort is a special tourist attraction, as well as Vrujci and Ljig spas positioned at about thirty kilometers from Valjevo.

Accommodation in this region of Serbia consists of various, high-quality and affordable lodgings whether you opt for a hotel, motel, inn, guest houses or apartments and rooms in private houses.

Municipalities in this part of Serbia are: Valjevo, Ljig Mionica Lajkovac, Ub, Vladimirci Koceljeva Osečina, Ljubovija, Mali Zvornik, Loznica, Krupanj, Sabac and Bogatić.

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Region: Valjevo region

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