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OwnerMiroslav Krstivojević

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Rooms 3/2

The village Krčmar and our accommodation capacity of rural households Krstivojević Miroslav-KRČMAR, are located on the slopes of Mount Maljen Divcibare, 100 km southwest of Belgrade, at an altitude of about 800 meters.
At less than 10 miles is an air spa, winter and summer tourist center Divčibare, where are ski trails and swimming pools.
The climate is temperate continental with moderately warm summers and moderately cold winters. Nature was very generous and gave a wonderful winds (which is suitable for the treatment of respiratory disease) for which Divčibare also as an air spa.

The entire region Divčibare, even Krčmar village and rural households Krstivojević Miroslav-KRČMAR is rich in deciduous and coniferous forests, meadows and pastures, beautiful wild springs and numerous trails that can be used as walkways health.

Rural household Krstivojević Miroslav-KRČMAR has three double bedrooms (one in category 4 stars, which is the highest rank in the rural tourism, and two in the 3 star category). The rooms are equipped with central heating and Wi-Fi, which offers guests free of charge. Provided parking lot for each room per vehicle. With the services we provide accommodation and full board as well as the surrounding tourist visitation, historical sites and entertainment.
Affordable prices, excellent service and excellent local and international cuisine, with friendly hosts will make your stay in rural households Krstivojević Miroslav-KRČMAR enjoyable and memorable.

Accommodation typePricePayment type
Double room 1/2
1800 RSDFull board
Double room 1/2
1500 RSDHalf board
Double room 1/2
900 RSDPer night

* Children under 4 years free.
* Children aged 4-12 years 50% discount.
Payment Terms: Cash, Invoice
Rates are per person in dinars (RSD).

Contact owner
Selo Krčmar bb,14204 Divčibare
Tel:+381 14 342 73 06Mob:+381 66 007 196
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Place: Divčibare Region: Valjevo region

  • Nearest city: Valjevo20 km
  • Maximum capacity 6
  • Do pošte:8 km
  • Do apoteke: 8 km
  • Do autobuske stanice: 20 km
  • Do železničke stanice:25 km
  • Do aerodroma: 25 km

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