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Serbian religious tourism

Serbia occupies a territory known for its demographic diversity of intertwined cultures. It has many religious monuments dating back to the period of the Serbian Empire. Orthodox religious monuments mostly date back to the period of the rule of the Nemanjić dynasty. They were the first dynasty that financed the building of religious monuments in this region. From the twelfth century on, the construction of important religious buildings began. Many of these buildings still exist today and are an important part of the tradition and the cultural and historical heritage of medieval Serbia. Through this religious legacy one can better understand what kind of life people led in those times and what their attitude towards religion and the church was.

In Serbia there are over 700 Orthodox monasteries, churches and convents that are protected by the country. There are more than 30 Roman Catholic churches, about 15 mosques and 3 synagogues, and many other religious monuments. While the Roman Catholic churches and synagogues were made mainly in the cities, or their immediate vicinity, monasteries were built specifically in pristine landscapes throughout Serbia. They were made like this so that people could not reach them easily and consequentially the life of the monks would be easier and away from temptation. Today, the majority of these monasteries are easily reachable, owing to the country’s well-designed infrastructure. There are numerous arrangements and tours with experienced guides who will explain to you in details the cultural and historical past of the attractions you are touring.

The monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church are divided into a multitude of separate eparchies, each of which is significant to a certain period of Serbian history. In Vojvodina you can visit monasteries on Fruška Gora, western Serbia has Ovčar - Kablar monasteries and the area of Kosovo, being a historically and religiously important part of Serbia, has numerous religious monuments of which some are on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Nowadays, the monasteries surrounded by beautiful nature are one of the most important tourist destinations in Serbia because of their religious and cultural significance. Visitors interested in religious tourism will certainly have a lot to visit and many things to admire.

The places you must visit are the so-called "Valley of the Kings", located in central Serbia where some of the most important monasteries are, and Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren, which is one of the most important legacies of the Ottoman period in the history of Serbia.

Accommodation can be found in the vicinity of these sites, so if you go with friends or by yourself, it will not be difficult to find the desired type of accommodation in the villages or nearby towns. Courtesy and hospitality of Serbian people is widely known and recognized.