Sokobanja spa is situated in Sokobanja basin and surrounded by mountains: Rožanj, Bukovik, Ozren, Devica, Slemen, Krstatac and Rtanj. This spa is located about 400m above sea level and has a very mild climate and lush greenery. It is rich in mineral water springs, famous for their curative powers. They belong to the most radioactive water springs in the country, with a temperature between 28°C and 45°C. That is why this spa attracts people who need to treat bronchial asthma, psychoneurosis, neurasthenia, high blood pressure, chronic rheumatism, sciatica and anemia. Sokobanja spa provides an excellent treatment for women who suffer from convalescents, exhaustion and "women's disease", but it also attracts a large number of healthy people who are looking for a good rest.

Sokobanja spa is a popular tourist destination and an oasis of health, with its many sports facilities and playgrounds. It is one of the most visited spas in Serbia. "Sokograd" Institute has 370 beds; more than half of them are in the new building of B category. Rehabilitation, prevention and treatments are offered here. Accommodation is also available in a couple of hotels, resorts and private houses. Rooms and apartments in private accommodation are available to anyone who wants to experience the charms of Sokobanja.

Serbian spa tourism lasts for almost two centuries in this region. Taking that into consideration, it's no wonder it is a leading place when it comes to the number of visits and overnight stays for one season. Tourist offer includes many excursion sites like Sokograd, Pećine restaurant, Lepterija, Očno, Moravica river , Ozren and others.