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OwnerBorislav Didić

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Apartments 1/2+1

Apartments 4/2+2

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Rooms 1/3

The villa "Zlatiborski Cvet" is located in the most beautiful area of Zlatibor surrounded by pine trees. There are 4 apartments and 2 rooms in the villa.
Each apartment has a kitchen, bathroom with shower, cable TV and a spacious terrace.
In the villa there are two rooms, with a shared kitchen, bathroom with shower, cable TV and a shared terrace.

Prices of accommodations depend of year period on season / off-season from 10 to 25 € per person / per day.

Contact owner
Naselje Kamalj 38, 31315 Zlatibor
Tel:+381 31 846 339Mob:+381 63 740 77 76
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Place: Zlatibor Region: Užice-Zlatibor region

  • Nearest city: Zlatibor0.8 km
  • Maximum capacity 24
  • Do pošte:0.8 km
  • Do apoteke: 0.8 km
  • Do autobuske stanice: 0.8 km
  • Do železničke stanice: km
  • Do aerodroma: 250 km

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