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Villa Bogdanović is located in the village Kalna, municipality of Knjaževac. Distance from Belgrade is 300 km, 60 km from Nis, 68 km from Soko Banja, from Pirot 39 km, 29 km from Knjazevac. Kalna village is situated at an altitude of 380 m, lies on the banks of two rivers Trgoviškog Timok river and Izvorska river, surrounded by the splendid mountain ranges of Old mountain. Formerly the administrative center of Old mountain villages, now a small village with a population of more than 200 people with the possibility of complete rest and relaxation. Come and enjoy the splendid walks through pastures and forests, swim in mountain river, take part in the harvest of wild herbs and mushrooms, feel the taste of water from a spring.

Although located in the center of the village "Villa Bogdanović" because of its location and large plot which consists of orchards and forests, creating a feeling of staying in nature and total isolation.

"Villa Bogdanovic" is 18 km away from the ski center "Babin zub" in Old mountain. To the cable car station Konjarnik comes with passenger car for about 20 minutes. Interested guests have the option of using organized transport to the ski rental and ski equipment.

The house was built in the sixties of the last century for the needs of the household, but 2009. was completely reconstructed and adapted for guests and providing accommodation services and pensions. Despite the housing reconstruction has maintained the outward appearance of authentic architecture of Old mountain, with an old wooden windows, construction of stone and brick with Moravian arches and wooden fence.
On the ground floor there is a hall, three bedrooms with three bathrooms and a common dining room and kitchen. Floor of the house consists of one lux apartment of 80 m2 in which there are two bedrooms with double beds, hallway, bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. Lux apartment is suitable for one four-members or six-members family. The whole house has central heating has been introduced that provides a pleasant stay in the coldest winter days..

"Villa Bogdanovic" has parking for vehicles of their guests.
Guests can use the services over night stay, bed and breakfast, half board and full board. For those who decide to prepare food by themselves hosts have provided a complete kitchen utensils, stove with oven and fridge

In the yard next to the orchard is auxiliary buildings called "Plevnja", constructed of stone, mud and sawdust. The guests are offered a unique opportunity to rest over the summer in the hay, enjoying the smell and spirit of times past ...
No solution. 332-6/2010-06 of 15.04.2010.god. Municipal Administration-Department of industry and social activities of the municipality of Knjaževac, the Commission categorize the rooms of "Vila Bogdanovic" as a holiday home first class (four stars).

"Villa Bogdanovic" has three fully equipped double rooms with central heating. Each room has its own bathroom and a separate entrance from the hallway. All rooms are equipped with TV with satellite television. There is a possibility of adding an extra dimension 190x80 cm beds to be drawn out of bed like a drawer.

Lux apartment has a total area of ​​80 m2, consists of two comfortable double rooms with double beds, hallway, bathroom and a large living room and kitchen with dining room. It is perfect for staying one four-members or six-members family.

Guests may use the small kitchen and dining room where they can store food for yourself. The kitchen is equipped with two mini-stove-top and oven, a sink with hot and cold water, refrigerator and full set of dishes for each guest. Large dining table with benches will allow you full comfort during the meal, and in his spare time during the pleasant feeling of playing cards, dominoes, chess ...

Accommodation typePricePayment type
Room 1/2
1100 RSDPer night
Room 1/2
1300 RSDBed and breakfast
Room 1/2
1800 RSDHalf board
Lux. Apartment80 EurDaily

The stated prices are calculated per person.

For stays over 3 nights, the 10% discount provided.

Prices are per person for half board (breakfast and dinner will be served at the time when the customer replies, variety of food is based on a survey from the menu).
Supplement for lunch is 4.5 EUR per person per day.
Book for a stay means 50% advance payment of the entire sum (rest to be paid upon arrival).
In the case of an advance reservation Cancellations will not be refunded.
All rooms have the option of adding an extra bed. Discount for additional bed is 30% on all services.
Children under 2 years, accompanied by two adult people have free accommodation in a shared bed and board.
Children from 2 to 10 years, accompanied by an adult two people have a 50% discount and have their own bed.
Children from 10-15 years, accompanied by two adult people have a 30% discount and have their own bed.
(Proof of age of the child's health booklet)
Payment is only in dinars (RSD). The calculation is made on the date of payment at the official exchange rate of NBS.
Adults - 50,00 RSD per day
Children 7-15 yrs. - 25,00 RSD per day

Contact owner
Selo Kalna, Stara Planina
Tel: +381 19 760 302Mob:+381 63 403 591Mob:+381 66 50 80 735
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Place: Old Mountain Region: Zaječar region

  • Nearest city: Knjaževac29 km
  • Maximum capacity 14
  • Do pošte:0.2 km
  • Do apoteke: 0.2 km
  • Do autobuske stanice: 0.2 km
  • Do železničke stanice:28 km
  • Do aerodroma: 60 km

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