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OwnerZoran Ilić

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Rooms 1/1

Rooms 1/2

Rooms 1/2+1

Rooms 1/2+2

The rooms are very well designed to answer the needs of the most demanding guests.
They have modern bathrooms, mini bar, telephone, wi-fi connection.

In the Park Restaurant, you can try excellent local cuisine from 8h-23h.
You can also enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant as well as its summer garden.

Accommodation typePricePayment type
Room (1/2) with queen bed
3500 RSDDaily
Room 1/1
2500 RSDDaily
Extra bed
1000 RSDDaily

The price does not include tourist tax which is 128.00 RSD per day.
Children under 7 years of age are exempted from taxes.
Children from 7-15 years pay 50% of the taxes.
All prices include VAT.
For longer stays of 10 days price on request.

Contact owner
Beogradska 288,11253 Sremčica
Tel/Fax:+381 11 25 22 777Mob:+381 63 77 43 763
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Place: Belgrade Region: Belgrade region

  • Nearest city: Beograd19 km
  • Maximum capacity 10
  • Do pošte:1 km
  • Do apoteke: 0.5 km
  • Do autobuske stanice: 20 km
  • Do železničke stanice:20 km
  • Do aerodroma: 15 km

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