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OwnerIvan Makojević

Accommodation type

Apartments 1/2+2

This apartment is a real compromise between distance, silence and nature environment for tourists who like to walk and enjoy the view and fresh air.
The wind which flow from the mountain Goč and the air rich in oxygen make this part of Vrnjačka spa specila place for long or short stay.
It is 5 minutes from the market place in a small hill, sunny and fully equipped. Cable TV, air conditioning, boiler for heating.

Area: 50 m²
Floor: IV
Distance from the main promenade:? 10 min
Max capacity: 2 + 2 persons

Season (1.May - 30.September)
25€/per night. Irrespective of the number of guests. 10-nights pay one night free.

Out of season (1.Octomber - 30.April)
20€/per night. 7 nightspay one night free.

Contact owner
Vrnjačka 54, 36210 Vrnjačka Banja
Mob:+381 61 145 00 00
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Place: Vrnjačka banja Region: Kraljevo region

  • Nearest city: Vrnjačka banja0.3 km
  • Maximum capacity 4
  • Do pošte:0.5 km
  • Do apoteke: 0.3 km
  • Do autobuske stanice: 0.8 km
  • Do železničke stanice: km
  • Do aerodroma: km

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