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OwnerNatalija Phelan

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Rooms 2/2

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Rooms 1/6

Hostel Mali is a cosy hostel situated in the centre of Novi Sad. It is a welcoming and friendly accommodation. An ideal location for travellers wanting a clean and affordable room. Run by a couple from London there is no language barrier and every need attended to!

-Minutes away away from the centre of Novi Sad.
-3 minute walk to the 'Spens' (sports and business center which hold major events, also a leisure center including ice skating, swimming pools, tennis courts etc.)
-10 minute walk from the town beach (strand)
-15 minute walk from EXIT Festival
- There are always taxis and buses to hand in case of needing to travel further!

We love to welcome new guests and encourage people to visit Novi Sad, a vibrant city with amazing sites and brilliant atmosphere. There is something for everyone, with a choice of many bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as the beautiful Dunavski park, monasteries, the beach (strand), and lets not forget about EXIT held on a fortress. We are here to help and inform as much as we can so that you can have the best experience and a comfortable bed to stay in.

Accommodation typePricePayment type
Room 1/6 (per person)
9 EurDaily
Room 1/4 (per person)
10 EurDaily
Room 1/2
26 EurDaily
Room 1/1
18 EurDaily
Contact owner
Železnička 40, 21000 Novi Sad
Tel:+381 21 522 902Mob:+381 63 18 36 773
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Place: Novi Sad Region: Novi Sad region

  • Nearest city: Novi Sad0.08 km
  • Maximum capacity 18
  • Do pošte:0.05 km
  • Do apoteke: 2 km
  • Do autobuske stanice: 2 km
  • Do železničke stanice:2 km
  • Do aerodroma: 70 km

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